About Us

LATINPOSH (LP) is a mobile styling company for women on-the-go focused on de-cluttering closets founded by Nicolle Ortega.  LP started as a creative outlet that resulted from a passion for efficiency, styling images and organizing without having to pay top dollars. This passion turned into a business after Nicolle and her team discovered the need for well organized and styled closets while curating affordable styles. LP's team goal is to make day-to-day dressing simpler and efficient. 
We do this by addressing the universal closet issues: cluttered, overstuffed and unorganized spaces. Instead, we look at both your room - and your life - and create a space of peace and beauty.
Previously, Ms. Ortega was a Director at a boutique Investment Bank in Los Angeles.


*What do we do for clients?*

We create wardrobes and storage spaces that are balanced, functional and beautiful. As creatives, we see the potential in this under-utilized, and often out of control space to add value to your home and to calm the chaos of everyday life. 

Also, and if needed, we tactfully curate versatile and staple pieces for busy lifestyles, take the selections to our client's homes and let them select and keep what fits their needs. Our goal is to help our clients transition seamlessly from one place to another using pieces they already own and adding one or two updated pieces to their wardrobes without sacrificing their signature style.

*What do we do with styles our clients don't want to keep?

If the styles are current - and we get our client's nod, we sell them online or at our shop

If the styles are too outdated, we donate those items to local organizations and arrange for pick up and delivery. 

*How do we keep our prices so wallet-friendly?*

Most retailers mark up is as high as 5-8X above cost. We strip out the overhead and source our products directly from designers and local vendors, to avoid any middleman mark-up - just for you!

Our business model allows us even more flexibility than just keeping our prices low: we work closely with our suppliers to introduce new products and tailor our styles based on your feedback. When you talk, we listen!

We invite you to browse our new services and arrivals Happy shopping!!